draw me a picture by Dadara

Draw Me a Picture. January 28 – April 1, 2023

Draw Me a Picture” is an exciting new exhibition showcasing the talents of 24 established and emerging artists. These artists have honed their craft, creating beautiful illustrations, cartoons, comics, children’s books, album covers, and pin-ups using traditional mediums such as colored pencils, ink, and markers. However, with the advent of digital technology, many have also begun to incorporate digital tools into their art-making process.

Flyer exhibition Draw me a picture

The exhibition features a diverse collection of original artworks, all priced attractively for novice collectors, with pieces ranging from €100 to €999. The featured artists include: 

Dadara, Handiedan, Typex, Lekkerblijvenlikken, Rood Gras, Bunbun, Chris Marmier, Wilbert van der Steen, Mossy Giant, Morcky Troubles, Christian Zeppieri, Nouch, Michiel van der Born, The London Police, Claudia Hek, Dood Konijn, Lobster Robin, A Squid called Sebastian, Levan Busurashvili, Luiz Risi, and Alee Mojahedi.

The exhibition opens on January 28th and runs until April 1st. Don’t miss this opportunity to view an incredible collection of original artworks and gain insights into the artists’ techniques and inspirations.

To give visitors a deeper understanding of the artists’ creative processes, some artist have created a short video, watch them bellow!

Alee Mojahedi

Chris Marmier

Morcky Troubles

Christian Zeppiri

Claudia Hek

LEVAN Busurashvili

Lobster Robin

Michiel van der born



Mossy Giant