Upcoming Exhibition - 12 November – 14 Januari 2023

25 years Go gallery Amsterdam

Upcoming exhibition - May 22th – June 21, 2022

On November 12, the GO Gallery opens the exhibition 25 Years GO Gallery, an exhibition for which 25 artists have created a work of art in which they share their love with the gallery through. their art. The oldest artist, Ottograph, designed the GO logo 25 years ago, while the youngest artist, Kauwe, was not even born yet. 

Current exhibition - 16 July – 20 August

A Tribute to all QUEENS

Upcoming exhibition - May 22th – June 21, 2022


A tribute to all QUEENS, 16 July – 20 August

This summer, the GO Gallery, in collaboration with the Kimpton de Witt Hotel, is organizing the exhibition ‘QUEENS’.
More than 40 artists have been asked to create artwork for the annual tribute exhibition at the GO Gallery.
Paintings, photographs, collages and objects in various styles will be on display at both locations.