25 YEARS GO Gallery Amsterdam. November 12 – January 14, 2023

The anniversary is celebrated with an exhibition of 25 artists who share their love for the gallery. November 12 – January 14, 2023.

Farud Cambatta & Oscar van der Voorn (left): “The exhibition for our 25th anniversary shows works of art by 25 artists with whom we have collaborated with great passion and love. Artists who have fascinated us, who have been given a stage to present their art to a large audience, both in our gallery and beyond, at fairs, and on walls all over the world. The artists have been asked to create a work of art about their relationship with and their feelings about the GO Gallery.”

On November 12, the GO Gallery opens the exhibition 25 Years GO Gallery, an exhibition for which 25 artists have created a work of art in which they share their love with the gallery through. their art. The oldest artist, Ottograph, designed the GO logo 25 years ago, while the youngest artist, Kauwe, was not even born yet. 
Line up: The London Police, Ard Doko, Rhamsey Kuyper, Chris Marmier, Perishable Rush, Margret Mijsbergh, Chinny Bond, Alexander Tadlock, Nick Twaalfhoven, Beazarility, SjemBakkus, Ives 0ne, Kauwe, Ottograph, Hugo Mulder DHM, Sidney Waerts, 2Fast, Matthew Knight, Dede, Astrid Keijser, Pipsqueak was Here!!!, Ricardo Cherbeluka, Lux Vortex, Minivila, Gawa & Tim van Vliet.

The opening speech will be given by Peter Ernst Coolen, who, as founder of Straat Museum (the world’s largest street art museum) and organizer of several street art festivals such as Kings Spray and Kosmopolite Art Tour, has played an important role in the development of Street Art in Amsterdam.