‘Until the last Butterfly becomes Grey’, solo exhibition by Ard Doko, Dec – March ’22

For his second solo-exhibition at the GO Gallery, Ard Doko has created a new collection of paintings and a number of objects, including a series of unique, hand-embellished screen prints.
Through this exhibition, the street artist takes the visitor on his quest to preserve childhood happiness as an adult.
Through paintings, symbols and text, the artist shares the intimate moments of his life, but at the same time poses the question back to the viewer: “What is my childhood happiness?” An ode to an unsuspecting existence in the current era.
The exhibition has been extended until March 19. Until then, the collection will be continuously adapted, the creativity of the artist is inexhaustible.

Check out the immense indoor mural, almost 400 x 300 cm. This can also be part of your interior.

12 Original paintings and 25 hand embellished screen prints in Ard Doko’s solo exhibition.
All paintings are painted with spraypaint and markers on canvas.
The screen prints (42×29,5 cm.) are made with ink, spray paint and markers on paper.

All artworks are for sale.
Please contact us about the correct shipping costs.