The Private Collection, May 28 – June 30 ’22.

The Private Collection
Gallery owners are often art collectors themselves.
This is also the case with the owners of the GO Gallery, Oscar van der Voorn and Farud Cambatta.
25 years ago, in November 1997, they started the GO Gallery on the Prinsengracht, now located on the Marnixstraat 127.
Over the years, this couple has expanded their art collection with works of art that often come from the artists and the collections they have exhibited themselves.
This art collection mostly consists of modern art, urban and street art.

Ultimately, the private collection has become too large.
A large number of art works and art treasures cherished by Oscar and Farud are on display and are available for sale to new enthusiasts.

Opening on Saturday, May 28, 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM.
Exhibition until June 30.
Open Ateliers Jordaan at Pentecost weekend, June 4-6.