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The Delic & GO Gallery crew

Farud, Carlos, Huda, Delic & Oscar Looking for some nice and affordable DELIC prints? We got a great collection of all the original paintings, size 60×45 cm, edition of 25, € 116 only…    

Cubehead by Mathew Knight

On Saturday July 25, we open the exhibiton Intersubjective, by Matthew Knight & Boxhead as the 2 curators. Matthew Knight, aka Cubehead just finished this beautiful sculpture, called Intersubjective. It’s made from resin, wood, sprypaint and acrylics. Edition = 25, every piece is different.

GayPride exhibition: INTERSUBJECTIVE, July 25 – September 26

“Intersubjective” is a joint show by Begoña Toledo a.k.a Boxhead and Matthew Knight together with a long array of guest artists. Inspired by this year’s Pride theme: “Share”, the vibrantly colourful artworks in this exhibition have been collectively created with a universal consciousness perspective, focused on the concept of the collective mind and the importance …

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Sunil Padwal, India 1968

NL (Geboren: 1968, Mumbai) Het overkwam vele kunstenaars van zijn generatie: toen Sunil Padwal de wens uitsprak om beeldende kunst te gaan studeren, ontmoedigde zijn vader hem met het schrikbeeld van de zwoegende kunstenaar die met moeite zou overleven. Met dat in gedachte besloot Padwal om het in de toegepaste kunsten te zoeken, een cursus …

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Coming soon: Shifting Frames.

Sunil Padwal, the renowned artist from the throbbing city of Mumbai (India) is finally on display in his first solo show in Amsterdam. Primarily a painter who has worked in varied mediums. His work comprises line drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations. Opening of this exhibition is on Saturday June 20

TLP first solo show in Japan

On Friday, May 22, the Amsterdam bases TLP, The London Police, will show a new series of original works at  MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY, B1 2-16-12 Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo. Please join us if you’re around and love them! The opening is from 6-8 pm. The exhibition is on display until June 20.