Locked down in Bombay until May 3rd.

Dear friends, visitors, dear art lovers and art buyers.
First off all we hope you’re safe and healthy in this difficult time and fragile world we live in!
Not only is our beautiful gallery closed for an indefinite period, but our website is also not up to date.
Since 3 weeks, the moment that we planned to travel back home in Amsterdam, we are stuck in Bombay. The location where we are has very poor internet coverage.
We cannot easily upload the new artworks by Ard Doko, The London Police, Rhamsey Kuijper, the ASA artists like Ives.One, the ArtBattle artists such as Ricardo Cherbeluka. To give you an example, to create this message, it takes more than an hour…. Patience is the key word.
The exciting exhibitions that we planned for this year have all be postponed.  In the nearby future, we would like to share some of the artworks that we love so much with you. with you. please visit our website frequently.

The 4 images were shot at Easter, not far from where we live.


Millions of children have no idea what is happening in the world.  All these two want are the candies in those big jars.
They’re so happy for the moment!

Photo on top: This is Sonali. She lives down the road beside the pavement under the trees, since more than 5 years with her husband, another family and a bunch of adorable babies, cute toddlers and kids. She gave birth to 3 babies, only 2 survived so far.
We support them when we are here and she became kind of a friend.
“Photo photo” she cried. “Make my photo for your friends, Happy Easter!” Happy Easter to all our beloved ones, lots of love from Bombay.

We miss our city Amsterdam and being at the gallery.
We miss our friends and family.
We hope to be united soon.
In the meantime : take care of each other, good luck!

Farud Cambatta en Oscar van der Voorn

Travel pics: Instagram Oscar George