Visceral Rituals, September 24, 2016

[:en]Visceral Ritual
Drawing from ancestral traditions, Visceral Ritual is the process of visual creation based on instinct. The labor of art is a ceremonial practice for artists Vyal Reyes, Erin Yoshi, Shaun Burner and Miguel Bounce Perez of the Trust Your Struggle Collective (USA) and Cause of Insanity (COI).  The artists utilize techniques of freestyle improvisation drawing on decades of collective experience, creating raw and strikingly bold lines of color that evoke movement and emotion.  

Mission Statement:
Trust Your Struggle (TYS) is an artist collective of visual artists, educators, and cultural workers dedicated to social justice and community activism through the medium of art. Our work includes but is not limited to mural painting, graphic design, printmaking, silk screening, photography, illustration, and graffiti writing. Based in the California and New York, we have produced gallery installations, live paintings, murals and arts education workshops with youth and community organizations since 2003. Our art continues the legacy of visual language, as we are contemporary storytellers influenced by graffiti art, comic books, political posters, religious spiritual icons, and our own indigenous traditions.

From Poland, 2 artists from Saloon Rebels , SETKA & SWAG, compliment the exhibition.

Saloon Rebels brings  street art painters together and promotes fresh and clever artist outside the academic circle, they give the opportunity to enter the artistic community to all of those who do not belong to any artistic group yet.

Sebastian SETKA Tkaczyk  was born in the city of Bydgoszcz in Poland. At a young age he was drawn into the world of graffiti and street art. He was a co-founder and member of the legendary graffiti crew called DNA. This is where SETKA first gained some techniques and developed his art skills. He then went on to study at the art at Art Academy in Gdansk to gain his masters degree.

His friend SWAG, Pawel Tomczuk (1989),  is much younger than SETKA, learnt a lot from him. He paints mainly romanticized portraits of women. SWAG joined to artistic crew „Saloon Rebels” in July 2014. Pawel Tomczuk presentes his piece of art on „Saloon Rebels Exhibition” in Bydgoszcz in July 2014. He sells his paintings on „Young Polish Artist” auctions in NEXT art gallery in Bydgoszcz and DESA Unicum art gallery in Warsaw.