Winter Exhibition, December 2020 – March 2021

The winter of 2020 will be a long one!
On Friday December 18 and Saturday December 19, we planned to celebrate the start of a cozy, dark winter show, with an old-fashioned exhibition opening, in another way. Due to the lockdown the GO Gallery can’t be open, but instead we welcome you to our virtual gallery, open 24 / 7


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New collections and artworks, many unique (light) objects, paintings, by our esteemed artists can be seen in the coming months:
TLP – IvesOne – Ard Doko – Beazarility – Dede  XXX – Gerda Dalen – Sjem Bakkus
Harry Skeggs – Denzel  Maple – Rhamsey Kuijper – Alessandro Piano
Matthias  Poltrock – Lux Vortex Studios – Ricardo  Cherbeluka

The exhibition

The Winter Exhibition will be postponed to some time next year.
We will keep you informed about this. If you are near the gallery in the meantime, take a look through the large windows, there is a lot to see.
And if you see something that you really love,
we offer you, until the 25th of December, a 10% Christmas discount! 

10% Christmas discount!

For sales and shipping, please contact us: