We are Animals, a solo exhibition by Chris Marmier. (Sept. 4 – Oct.3)

Chris Marmier’s first solo exhibition, in which he explores the relationship between humans, other animals and nature. “Humans are the only animals that don’t consider themselves animals.” Entertaining stories, painted with acrylic and ink on small and large wooden panels.

Like animals, we breathe, eat, sleep, copulate, think, communicate and fight. Biology shows us that we humans are just primates. Is it our so-called “intelligence” that allows us to monopolize and destroy the Earth’s resources? Fascinated by wildlife, in most of his works people are central to his artwork. Everything around him is a source of inspiration, be it identity, gender, sexuality, nature, culture, environment or politics. Each artwork is a story, told with its unique brushstrokes and color palette.
“Human beings are the only animals who don’t consider themselves as animals.”

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