The GO Gallery Summer Exhibition ’23. June 24 – August 19

Every year, in celebration of Gay Pride, the GO Gallery organizes an exposition. However, this year, we are excited to present something a bit different— The GO Gallery Summer Exhibition. In this group exhibition, you can see the new art works of 8 artists. The opening is on Saturday, June 24th, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The exhibition will be available until August 19th, including during the annual Pride Amsterdam.

Summer Exhibition GO Gallery Amsterdam
Summer Exhibition GO Gallery Amsterdam

Romain Berger, Tentation, from the series “All you need is Love”.

Chris Marmier has been exhibiting his work at the GO Gallery for 6 years. Using acrylic paint and ink, he expresses his humorous, often cynical view of the world. Astrid Keijser’s conceptual artworks have been displayed at our gallery for over 10 years. The other artists that participate in this exhibition are new to the GO Gallery, their work fits perfectly into the collection:

Romain Berger                        Queer photos from the series ‘All you need is Love’.Mat Cahill                                 Fine art illustrations investigating diversity within unity.Onno Visser                             Visions from a digital imaginary  fantastic tripping mind using AI.SillystreetheartS                     Street art heart sculptures that spread the Love.Steyn Skyler                             Experience the magical fusion of art and butterflies where imagination takes flight.Jean-Marc Wullschleger       Pop culture icons in bed springs.Chris Marmier                         Drawing paintings of us, all different yet all the same.Astrid Keijser                          Light object ‘Be Yourself’.