Rhamsey K. light sculptures.

Conquest of the fascinated 2-600px Conquest of the fascinated, Light sculpture by Rhamsey K. 12 Barbie dolls, toy soldiers, paint & light. During my walk of life I varied the time and energy that I put into my creativity and building things. When dressing my house I quickly ran into expensive and uninspiring stuff in the shops. D.I.Y. is for me a logical solution. Because I don’t have a technical background and I work with a broad range of materials I, every time, have to re-invent a wheel all over again. With the result that my wheel also rolls but just a little bit different. I use discarded and second hand materials because I like to see them in a different way. Different than what they are meant for or how man is conditioned to see them. An infinite elastic associations with shapes and materials. This way I also want to make people aware of the consu-more-and-more, throwaway society and encouraging reuse of resources and products. actually a commitment to a continues reincarnation of stuff with a use. How I operate: Because I have been skateboarding since 1986, a skateboard is for me a logical base material. I have no plan just an idea. The realization of the idea is a process that is subject to change. a lack of the proper tools, space, expertise and other resources stimulates the challenge and encourages my creative process. The desire to realize something must be present. Many things can be an inspiration to me but human behavior, nature, media and politics are my main sources of inspiration.


Boogie man Hunters: Everything that you might be scared of will be atracted by this lamp and subsequently be ran of or eliminated so the owner can enjoy a good night of sleep. This also works on a desk or counter while you are awake. Made of skateboard wood,barbie body, toy animal, baby doll head and its feet, iron wire, nails, loose toys and/ or things withe a interasting shape, glue and spray paint. Face of the Tsunami: My expression of the feeling I got when I was on the Beach of la’ampuk Banda Atjeh Sumatra with some of the young orphins who survived the 2004 Tsunami. La’ampuk is the place that was the closest to the epi centre and the. Tsunami was at it’s most powerfull. 7 out of 10 people of that village did not survive. The Coral is from that beach. The print plates are my association with all the debree of ordinary life that formed the coast line at some points. Made of: coral of La’ampuk beach, the guts of a stereo set and a skateboard.