PEZ, Pshh-Wow, original painting

PEZ, Pshh-Wow, 80×80, acrylics, aerosol, canvas, € 4800


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Barcelona Street Art pioneer PEZ, starts painting in 1999. Pez finds out at that time that this newly created character may bring good vibes and positivism to passers-by in Barcelona streets. Within a few years, Pez begins to travel painting around the world and eventually adopts the universal reaching message of the smile.

The character of El Pez (“fish” for Spanish), comes from the experimentation and aim to make something constructive in his city walls. This alter ego, an always smiling fish, is present in all of his works, always colorful and with a heavy load of positivism. A journey full of joy that goes from classic graffiti to experimental pop art.

During the latest years PEZ has not stopped swimming, painting and exhibiting in galeries from around the world: Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Londres, Berlin, Viena, Oslo, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Tokio, Hong Kong, Bogota, Dubai…

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