DedeXXX – Shiny to the Bone

DedeXXX was born in São Paulo, is now based in Amsterdam and Den Haag. He is a self-taught artist, a professional painter with contemporary and urban art influences. He has a communication & advertising degree, is a branding expert, a former adman and always an entrepreneur.
Seeking to create symbols, Dede brings storytelling, expressive ideas and hidden messages through his artworks. Contrast is the essence, highlighted by his strong and unique style, giving different perspectives while looking from far or up close. Messages about beliefs and making things happen.

Dede’s new creation is a series of skulls, produced by hand with a huge rubber stamp.
It all started with his painting “Shiny to the bone”, a in gold pain ted skull.

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Shiny to the bone
“The treasures we are looking for have always been inside us.”
Acrylic on hard paper board
67 x 87

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