In the center of the conceptual content of his works stand the human being and society, and their dependence, influences and changes. The works operate with variations of society funds. Peintre X worked out his subjects from society and his impressions and experiences from this. The focus of the works are portrait that convey with her ​​eyes feeling worlds and emotions and give rise to insight the viewer. Peintre X dispense with the theming of his life story, as he does not want to be perceived from his personality as a painter out. The focus are the works and how society interacts with them. Peintre X wants to reach the observer to get a focus on his artistic work. Peintre X has the impression that art can not exist without the stories and the image around the artist. To give the appearance of art an additional frame, Peintre X also uses the social, public space to display his work. Also check his paste-ups