MIZER (FR, 1987)

MIZER (FR 1987) tried, as a little boy, his hand at painting in the Nineties in Africa, where he spent most of his youth and where he got his first glimpse and introduction to watercolours. After he arrived in Paris in 2006, this passion encourages him to study Art at MJM Graphic Design school. However he quickly felt his creativity was being trapped and frustrated and therefore decided to pursue his training as an autodidact. He then met several graffiti artists who helped him discover and fully grasp the depth and the power of street art. He thus found his biggest source of inspiration wandering through waste grounds far away from prying eyes. MIZER now feels more than ready to usher you into his universe thanks to his numerous exhibitions where he puts on display his very own portraits of famous personalities who made mark on history, through the lens of his art. Indeed, the visual impact and the clash of colours render his paintings all the more original and intriguing. He chose his name MIZER, because the letters inspired him a lot when he went painting on the streets.