LED there be LIGHT, part 3. December 5th – January 10th

You’re welcome to celebrate the exhibition of light, on December 5th, from 5-8 pm.

More information comes very soon…. During the Annual Amsterdam Light Festival 2015, GO Gallery exhibits this winter the works of 10 artists: 2 Artists, working under the name Lux Vortex, present the Buckyball, named after the Carbon 60 molecule (C60). The Buckyball is the worlds most advanced intelligent LED chandelier. 25 meters of copper, 50 meters of wire, 1000’s of individual parts, and many hundreds of hours of effort come together to create a geometrical masterpiece of metal and glass. 60 spheres of light display 16 million colours in an infinite variety of patterns which reflect from the complex interior matrix of copper and chrome to create a beautiful hypnotic effect. The Buckyball will enchant you like nothing you have ever seen before.” Mark Goede is the one and only International Crap Artist. In his artwork Mark uses humor to express larger social issues, contemporary cultural trends and his own personal problems or questions. His work always carries text, whether it’s digital or physical, via light sculptures or ready-mades. Francesco Ragalmuto Garito, Italian silversmith, has a jewelry collection made of ornaments of 18th century chandeliers. The name of the collection is ‘FRAGILE’. He has given a new life to the crystals, in the form of luminous and fragile jewels. Every piece is a unique work of art, with all due respect for the original forms. Beazarility, makes artworks that are inspired by his beloved city of Amsterdam. As a designer, designer, photographer and illustrator the artist seeks out to combine tall different techniques. The work for this exhibition is based on the old stained glass windows with nostalgic Amsterdam elements incorporated. Nissim One is fascinated by the old Dutch cities: Human scale, Beauty and Their Relation To The Many water. His personal vision of the city brings in HIS own image door architecture pictures digitally Pairing with old prints of city profiles and -Floor plans. Visual accumulation of the present city Become door zoom Thus steeds Connected Utrecht with the past. Rhamsey Kuijper makes light sculptures that are a mirror for the human instinct and behavior, made of intriguing materials like mannequins and weapons. Themes in his work are evolution, sex, violence, death, the past, present and future.  Nico Koster , Amsterdam photographer, recently found in his archives a negative of a photograph he took of David Bowie. A beautiful image of this unique annalogue photograph hangs in GO Gallery during the exhibition “DAVID BOWIE is” in the Groninger Museum.  Timit Juffermans , makes a series of paintings called ‘A 1.000 years from now’. He paints the world as it might look from over 1.000 years , where mankind is extinct and nature slowly gaining back ground. Timit Juffermans graduated from the Willem de Kooning art academy (illustrations , 2008). With her triptych, Surina Baag gives a preview of her future series ‘Juice’. In some religions the female body fluids are traditionally considered unclean, and the woman herself as untouchable. The female ‘Juice ‘ in Surina ‘s work on the other hand elevated to the source of life and light. Daniela Buonvino connects light & sound, and has developed a high-quality interactive streetlighting technology, hidden in traditional streetlights.