Jarret Quinn at GO Gallery

Jarret Quinn is a resident of Amsterdam since January 2013. Amsterdam is a second home to Jarret, with Calgary, Canada being his permanent home. His interest in coming to Amsterdam is to use the city as a base to explore and expand his artistry. Amsterdam allows him access to the many rich galleries of Europe that are not easily accessible from Canada. And creatively he is using his time to expand his techniques, use of mediums, and styles. Jarret studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in glass. After graduating he returned to painting and photography in addition to glass as his main artistic mediums. Before moving to Amsterdam he used his artistic skills as a full-time instructor at the In-Definite Arts Society, teaching individuals with developmental and physical disabilities, working mainly in glass, but also in fibre, painting, printmaking, and ceramics. He has exhibited in a number of galleries in Canada, with mediums including paintings, graphics, glass and photography. Jarret’s art is poetic and conceptual, luring the viewers around in circles and drawing them in. He uses bold lines and colours. In some pieces this creates structure, while in others this results in fluid abstract images. His use of colour conveys his sense of honesty, while at the same time giving shape and dimension in his images.