India Smiles

From September 9, the photo exhibition INDIA SMILES by  Oscar van der Voorn can be seen in the GO Gallery. The exhibition is about the photographer’s love for India, about his encounters and adventures in the country he loves so much and has been traveling for decades. On his travels he uses an IPhone, not only for photography but also as a guide, translator and news source. All his photos were taken with an Apple iPhone. 5 guest photographers have been invited for this exhibition: Annelies Rigter, Nico Koster, Lars Brehm, Thessa van der Voort and Mirjam Letsch. The exhibition will be on display until October 14. Click on shop to see all photos.
All photos are for sale (40×30 cm., 30×40 cm.) The proceeds of this exhibition will be donated to 2 NGO’s, i.e. Duniya Foundation and Mumbai Smiles, 2 successful organizations that care for the underprivileged in this fascinating country. In addition to selling the photos, we want to create awareness for these organizations and the activities they perform in India with the India Smiles exhibition.
Mumbai Smiles, Sonrisas de Bombay is an organization founded in 2005 by Spanish journalist and writer Jaume Sanllorente. The organization focuses on the peaceful fight against poverty and for human rights in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Asia, such as India, Bangladesh, Nepal and also in Spain. The eradication of human trafficking and transformational actions through access to education, health care and socio-economic development are the main objectives of their projects. More than 10,000 people have already benefited from these actions. 
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The Duniya Foundation is active in the North Indian city of Varanasi. Education and social care are the most important spearheads of the Foundation. Every day, 80 children receive primary education and the children receive a hot meal. Young women can go to the school for training as beauticians or seamstresses. Social work is also a daily task. Once a week, the social workers take care of lonely elderly people and organize day care. Families affected by setbacks can receive food packages to relieve them of their worries. A broken house, no clean drinking water or illness… a slum where people sometimes have nothing, it is important that there is a place where they can always go. This is possible in the building of the Duniya Foundation. Together with the residents we can try to make the world a little more beautiful. We can’t change the world, but we can change someone’s world.