GO Gallery, La Galerie Provocatrice and Wasteland Present


Handiedan, Triangle amoureux 1, GO Gallery AmsterdamClaudia Hek, Sun, GO Gallery Amsterdam

De opening is op vrijdag 20 april, van 19:00 – 23:00 uur.

Deze expositie in de GO Gallery is de officiële opening van het Wasteland weekend in Amsterdam.

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GO Gallery, La Galerie Provocatrice and Wasteland Present


The opening is on Friday 20 April, from 7 – 11 pm.
This exhibition  in the GO Gallery is the official opening of the Wasteland weekend in Amsterdam.

Claudia Hek, Sun, GO Gallery Amsterdam

Handiedan, Triangle amoureux 1, GO Gallery Amsterdam

Voor deze expositie hebben we 2 originele werken en 3 prints (90×120 cm, oplage 2!) in de verkoop!
(Hanneke Treffers, 1981) studeerde in 2002 af aan de Kunst Academie St. Joost te Breda. Na haar afstuderen heeft de carrière van Handiedan een enorme vlucht genomen. Haar werk is voornamelijk en veelvuldig te zien in Amerika. Voor het eerst sinds lange tijd jaren wordt haar werk nu weer geëxposeerd in Amsterdam, in de GO Gallery. Collage kunstenares Handiedan maakt Pin-ups. De basis van haar werk zijn de Pin-ups van Elvgren, de grootste Amerikaanse Pin-up kunstenaar, die zijn roem beleefde vanaf de jaren ’30 tot de jaren ’70. Veel van de onderdelen uit de collages worden geprint, maar speelkaarten, delen uit haar eigen reisdocumenten, sigarenbandjes, verroestte spijkers en postzegels worden veelvuldig gebruikt.
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Het werk van Claudia Hek is te herkennen aan dikke lijnen, felle kleuren en mooie vrouwen! Haar schilderijen zijn geïnspireerd door Pop Art, old school tatoeages en Pin-ups uit de jaren’40 en ’50. Naast de schilderijen ontwerpt Claudia Hek ook (burlesque) kleding voor internationale labels en posters voor de grotere rock & roll bands.

Schilderijen van Claudia Hek
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Prints van Claudia Hek
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Ook op deze openingsavond:
Magic acts by RAMANA
Extravagant theatre show by Coonerette ‘La Sirène’
Visuals by Wilhelmusvlug
Breathtaking fetish models Lara Aimée and Wendy in DeMask rubber surprise outfits!

De expositie is te zien t/m 20 mei.

DeMask Amsterdam
High Gloss Productions
Zarb Champagne
Genesis product developmentFor this exhibition, the GO Gallery has 2 original works and 3 limited edition prints (2 only!) for sale.
You could use either the word “artist” or “designer” to describe Handiedan at work. These are collages, but many of the design elements are planned out digitally on her laptop first, before she begins tearing into the rare vintage papers and cards that she gets from local flea markets and old buildings. The pin-up ladies you see are appropriated from the work of Elvgren, a very popular pin-up artist from the late 1930′s to the early 70′s.

Part of what’s interesting about these works is that they are as much object as they are image. The images are available by themselves as prints, but the real work of art belongs in a frame that is carefully selected for its subject. Handiedan is a kind of curator for special objects from the past whether it’s the frame, old Chinese papers, postage stamps, cigar bands, rusty nails, playing cards, or deconstructed Spanish fans among other things. Her work stands alone beautifully as flat images, but the dimension of the materials on top of each other as well as the frames are something to be noted and appreciated along with the obviously strong aesthetic value of the images the collages create.

Intricate and meticulously crafted, Handiedan’s collages represent the gradual accumulation of layers—not only of materials like wood, metal and paper, but cultural references as well. Over a backdrop of baroque designs culled from international currencies and antique sheet music, the artist fuses classic pin-up girl body parts to create her own version of beauty. Sometimes these beauties might wield an extra arm or two, and everything that lies exposed beyond their garters and brassieres is heavily inked with hand-drawn tattoos.
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Claudia Hek
Thick lines and lovely ladies, that’s what Dutch autodidact artist Claudia Hek, age 35, is all about. Inspired by Pop Art, oldschool tattoo imagery and 40 ’s & 50’s pin-ups Claudia Hek’s work reflects her view of beauty that sends a bright spark into the world. Using bright colors and primarily women’s figures in all manner of professions (pirate wench to gun-slinging bandit), Claudia had created a new vision of these timeless subjects by evoking the raw modern passion of a bygone era in her paintings. Not only is Claudia a talented painter, but she is a prolific poster designer for bands worldwide. She also creates logos and stickers, t-shirts designs for bands, clothing labels and burlesque starlettes all around the world and has her own line of T-shirts that she sells in various shops and through her website.
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