K – Pax is the artistic alter ego of german painter Matthias Poltrock.
Hawaii, Marrakech, San Francisco, Rome, Toulouse, Barcelona, Tenerife, London and newly also Amsterdam.
K – Pax collects colors, shapes, moods and impressions throughout the world.
K – Pax combines in his works well known logos of our consumer society with elements of his personal, playful presence view of life.
In his work we meet comic heroes and madonnas, which stand out in relief by his wood assemblages.
Plastic waste, such as screw caps of beverage bottles and orange caps from toilet cleaners have found their way to K-Pax art.
His collages focus the collected picture ideas and radiate pure energy and real lust for life.
Bright colors and strong contrasts, digital picture elements, found objects and painting is here, in the truest sense of the word, screwed together.
This unique 3D technology convinces with originality and sparkling screw heads.
K-Pax art is to enlarge joy of life.