BLOOOM Art Fair, 26-30 october, Cologne

[:en]GO Gallery represents the following artists at the BLOOOM Art Fair, stand BL-C02:
Rhamsey Kuijper, Sjem Bakkus, Sunil Padwal, Nissim Men, RJ Halls, Perishable Rush.

Sunil Padwal

Sjem Bakkus
images appear here shortly

Rhamsey Kuijper
100% Industrial Skulls
Since the early days of humanity we are changing nature to our own benefit.
With current technological developments, animals have become our machines to produce more food or we just make them look cute.
Time is proceeding like clockwork, soo we will be next….

Animals are not our products.
We are not products.


RJ Halls
“In art Mickey was everywhere but where was Minnie?
Why was she ignored in the art world, was this sexist?
“Delving deeper I realised she was black all over but with a white face. This reminded me of the Black and White Minstrels who were popular entertainers in the 19th Century. Was this racist?  Seeing Minnie now in this day and age reminds me of those supermodels who eat nothing more than lettuce leaves three times a day. This influences young children. I added cheese to some of the portraits to encourage everyone to eat more cheese!”
Thus RJHalls

RJHalls decided to devote an exhibition of paintings celebrating her beauty, uniqueness and personality. He thought she deserved greater recognition. His inspiration came from the paintings of Sandro Botticelli, Frans Hals, Lucas Cranachs and many unknown artists from the past, who he might add, would probably have used Minnie as a model for their paintings if she had been around in their lifetime.

Portraits by Perishable Rush golden edition
2016 was the year that iconic musicians en sportsman passed away. To honour them I made a series of portraits. The basis of the works is formed by a layer of ripped screenprints and stencils wheatpasted on a wooden panel. For this series I produced screenprints and sencils in different shades of gold ink and spraypant on different kinds of paper. The roughly torn up and pasted screenprints and stencils make up a raw background for the stylistic and clean illustrated portraits. In these portraits I captured the characteristics of the depicted as minimalistic as I could, reducing their faces to just a few lines. Stripped to the essentials.


Nissim Men, City Portraits
City Portraits are digital photographic compositions, which envision and explore the cultural layers and history of a city. They create a contemporary portrait of a city’s unique character, while shifting the borders and boundaries of Art, by redefining what constitutes a vision of history and a city’s self image.

The images exist in between the real & surrealness of urban existence.
The ‘Citys-Portraits’ are promoted as limited editions.
In that way the project can support itself and grow in time.
The amount of prints are up to 12 copies each city edition, printed in high quality on the presentable size of 125×50 cm.
Different sizes and editions will be created only by special request.
Once a city portrait is updated it will be expended in its composition with further research and visuals from past, present and future to enrich and document the city-portrait.
SPLASH IT (30x34x20 cm.)

Objects show an imaginary process of graffti writing with a spray can from which the color splashes and creating colorfull, dynamic form on the wall.