Astrid Keijser with 2 collections at the Spring Collection, May 7 – June 26.

Astrid Keijser is a versatile, self-taught artist.
She currently exhibits 2 collections in the Spring Collection at GO Gallery: Iconic Bottles and Black Lives.

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“Whether it was set in motion by the Black Lives Matter movement, I don’t know, but one thing is certain: black people have become more visible in public life. This is also the case in the art world, with attention to the slavery past in the Rijksmuseum and the Suriname exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum”.

The work of the South African photographer Zanele Muholi touched Keijser’s heart deeply. She took her photos as the starting point for 2 paintings of black women.
Keijser became so enthusiastic that she was increasingly inspired by black people from her immediate surroundings, in the street, the park, the shop. She asks everyone she meets now, who touches her in one way or another, if she can take a picture. That photo is the starting point for the next painting.
A new project is born!