Ard Doko’s work now on display

Ard Doko
From illegal graffiti to contemporary museums, Ard Doko has been involved in the international art world since the age of 19. Armed with spray cans, markers and brushes, the artist not only tackles walls of 900 square meters, but has also proven his paintings around the world, alongside artists like Shepard Fairey, The London Police and Max Zorn. The works of Ard Doko combine melancholy as well as his need to devour the beauty of life. His images and stories often depict romance, his rough youth and the journey of finding his own identity. Heavy brush strokes, splashes and shapes cut out in the canvas are characteristic of his art and are often described as expressive and “right in your face”. In an interview with Peripheral Art he stated; “My style is often explosive and chaotic, just like me”.

It’s 2018

They say love is a universal concept, at least that’s what I’m being told through a satellite.

We’ve put people on the moon, developed new ways to fight, know more about the stars and on every subject there shines a light.

We are so technically advanced, yet we’re still shocked by same-sex couples walking hand in hand…

See, I realized most of my friends are part of the L.G.B.T Community.

And as a painter with a balled up fist and a brush I’m making use of this opportunity.

Now I don’t care who you are, let me get this straight.

I was taught to love each human being instead of to hate

So when people don’t accept love between two humans

Whether it’s ignorance or religion

Remember that George Michael still sided with the believers

When he sang the words; “Cause I got to have faith”.

My latest paintings depict the brave people that are holding on to their love even in times of trouble.

Love thy neighbour says the book of god, and you’ll end up receiving it double.

We need to break down societies stigmas and walls and start living outside of our bubble.

Let’s walk hand in hand to build up paradise with the stones that are left in the rubble.

Ard Doko 2018