Ard Doko, (NL, 1991, painter)

Opening of Ard Doko’s new collection. Saturday, April 4th, 5 – 7 pm.

Ard Doko made his first debut in the art scene at age 18, while still using his street alias “5″ or “Mr. 5″. Over the years he has made a clear transition from the more common and figurative street-art works created mainly through stencils and spray cans, to a more abstract and expressionistic style. Within his works you can still clearly see the street influences from where he once started. His style is often described as; “melancholic, dark and psychedelic with multiple layers of interpretation”, with themes ranging from the beauty of life till death and destruction. In an interview he stated; “My style tends to be explosive and chaotic, just like myself. In 2013 he joined the Californian label Liquid Geometry as a live painter and designer. His works are widely appreciated throughout multiple art segments, as well as multiple continents. Ard Doko has exhibited throughout Europe and the United States, and has been added to a variety of international collections.