Ana Allocer

Ana Allocer, Mexican artist painted for Frida Kahlo
his artwork is still available. Mail us for details.


Ana Garcia Allocer, La Santita, 24x46 cm.
Ana Garcia Allocer, La Santita, 24×46 cm.

This piece is part of a series of my work in which the main idea was to bring up the “Hello My name is” phrase. This stickers that are used to get to know people in some events. In this particular painting called “Hello my name is …La Santita” is about a Mexican Saint that helps the mexican Immigrants to have a good life when crossing the border between Mexico and US. My work comes from my inner self and my every day life, it is like a self portrait even if my picture is not in it. That is what relates me to Frida, a very honest and bold portrait of every day personal life.