Amsterdam Street Art, 12 ½ Years. 10 September – 22 October 2022.

ASA, Amsterdam Street Art Foundation celebrates its 12½ anniversary with an exhibition at the GO Gallery, September 10 – October 22.
At the very first exhibition ASA organized 12½ years ago, 14 mainly young street artists, exhibited their work in the GO Gallery.
This exhibition ‘ASA 12½ Years’ shows the latest art works of these 14 artists, who have since caused a furore worldwide.
The artists are:
Hugo Kaagman (NL), The London Police (UK/NL), Pez (SP), Nol (NL), Ortica Noodles (IT), Galo (IT), Ives.One (NL), Flying Fortress (DE), 
Sjem Bakkus (NL), Beazarility (NL), Chase (BE), Recal.One (NL), Faunagraphic (UK), FARK (UK).. 

Due to an enormous dedication and love for street art, the Amsterdam Street Art Foundation was founded in 2010 by a number of creative people. Now, 12½ years later, ASA has grown enormously and has created a global platform that bridges the gap between artists and the environment, companies and governments.
The goal of ASA is to contribute to the recognition of street art it deserves. This is done by organizing exhibitions, guerrilla actions, street art events. ASA has also commissioned hundreds of impressive international murals.
Just like ASA, the 14 artists who exhibited their work in the very first ASA exhibition 12½ years ago have developed enormously. Walls all over the world acted as their canvas, many works of art were temporary, some works of art have become iconic and legendary.
The artists work on commission and exhibit in galleries and museums around the world.
We are extremely proud to exhibit a number of studio works by these artists in the GO Gallery