24/7 Window shoppen @ GO Gallery: “New ornament” by Tycho

In the coming months, exhibitions can also be seen in the window of the GO Gallery.
The installation “New Ornament” by Tycho is currently standing.
It is about Amsterdam, the old city and the new city.

Tycho, the artist.
From an early age, Tycho (1994) has seen his city change. The richly decorated historic city center now lives next to the rectilinear new construction and the color seems to slowly disappear from the neighborhoods.
With a critical eye, but especially out of love for his birthplace, Tycho offers a counterbalance to this with his work, often with Amsterdam as the centerpiece.
For example, he developed a diverse series of ceramic wall sculptures. They are contemporary Amsterdam coats of arms made in red and white clay and painted with homemade glazes.
Central are the three crosses of the city, surrounded by physical and sexual symbols that radiate sensuality and freedom. The ceramic sculptures are new ornaments that must provide bland spots with shape and color.

“New ornament” the art project.
Specially for GO Gallery, Tycho developed the installation “New ornament” for the display window of the gallery. The installation is made of raw sheet material, which betrays the contours of the old and the new city. The ceramic ornaments are presented to the viewer in different layers. Visitors who take the trouble to also view the installation in the gallery will be surprised by the back of this installation. A reference to the maker’s subversive roots with his predilection for public space.
Ultimately, Tycho will attach the coats of arms to a colorless, rectilinear new building.
The ornaments are intended as a street art project.
For the time being, the installation can still be seen in the window of GO Gallery.
The contemporary Amsterdam coats of arms are made in red and white clay and painted with homemade glazes. Of course all pieces are for sale!
Please get in touch for sales information and exact shipping tariffs: office@gogallery.nl